I’m Serious About Diarrhea.

May 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today folks, I am talking about diarrhea. Giggle Giggle!

Now to be a bit gross, we all experience it, but I think it’s rare that people think about actually DYING from it. But here’s a fact: diarrhea and pneumonia kills more children under the age of five than AIDS, TB an malaria combined. The worst part? Most of these deaths can be avoided through proper hygiene and vaccines.

I’d like to take some time to highlight two campaigns that can save millions (yes, millions) of children’s (and adult’s!) lives.  Since we all have short attention spans, these campaigns include videos to help raise awareness of solutions for diarrhea related deaths (don’t worry you don’t actually SEE any diarrhea).

1. “It’s in Your Hands”–  Tippytap.org

Complicated problems don’t always mean complicated solutions. The Tippy Tap demonstrates this fact. One way to save lives is to to simply have children wash their hands with soap. According to Tippytap.org, 3.5 million children die from diarrhea and acute  respiratory infection in developing countries every year. Hand washing with soap can save 1.2 million of these children

It’s not a high-tech solution. It’s a simple one. The Tippy Tap is simply a makeshift washing station that acts as a sink.

This video won best thrifty video from the DoGooder Non-Profit Video awards. I believe that this is the best award. Tippytap.org demonstrates that it doesn’t take million dollar budgets or million dollar devices to make a difference. Most of the time it is a simple idea and smart implementation to save millions of lives.

Small donations go a long way and in Tippytap.org‘s case their donations go to help build education and awareness of hand cleaning in developing countries. To donate to Tippytap.org go here.

2. “Save 4 Million Children’s Lives in 5 Years”ONE

It’s not often that problems this large are solvable by just a single solution. ONE often works with policy to make smart changes that have large scale effects. A reason why I like this campaign is because they’re not asking for your money, they’re asking for your voice. Signing this petition will help give the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisations (GAVI) the proper funding so that they can immunize:

  • 90 million children with the pneumococcal vaccine (to fight against pneumonia)
  • 53 million children with the rotavirus vaccine (to fight against diarrhea)
  • 230 million children against the five deadly diseases covered by the pentavalent vaccine

With these vaccines, GAVI expects to save the lives of 4 million children by 2015.

It seriously takes less than 3 minutes (including watching the video) and you can help be a part of saving over 4 million children’s lives by 2015.

There you have it. Ever thought you’d be so enlightened by a blog about diarrhea?  Especially one that includes videos? Now go on and get serious about diarrhea!


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