February 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Recently I entered a competition for Ideas for Impact. The challenge was this: Envision a business that can be consistently profitable in the New York City area, while creating meaningful employment opportunities for people who need a second chance in life. The business has to have room for plenty of laborers, be relatively low-skill work and have room for growth.

My idea was to create a green roof company called Second Chance Roofs that would serve the 5 boroughs of New York City. The company would not only create these roofs, but also maintain them. Because most of these workers would have already been trained, other green roof companies could contract out to Second Chance roofs for maintenance or larger projects they may not have the laborers for.

For larger roofs, there will be vegetation section that the employees of Second Chance Roofs could go in, collect the fruits, vegetables and herbs and sell them in different markets.

The idea would create immediate employment, allow these employees to move up in the company as well as in the field of green jobs, create an opportunity for the employees to learn about running a business (the market) and be sustainable in terms of the economy and the environment.

After that whole long spiel, what I am getting at is that I’ve put together a little infographic to explain the benefits of green roofs.


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