I am the doodle stalker.

February 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Doodles are the window to the soul. Maybe. However, I gots to say, I just straight up love doodles (and doodlers). I am a doodle stalker. That’s right, if I see you doodling away I’ll awkwardly (and very obviously) lean over to check your doodles out. My favorite include the speech bubble doodlers and the monsters and robot doodlers. And goddamn, if you have a monster fighting a robot WITH dialogue?? Well, watch out, I may be doodling my number in…

Anyway, my fetish with monster and robot doodles aside, Flavorwire has put together ‘Idle Doodles from Favorite Authors.” A small but awesome compilation of doodles from some of my favorite authors. Gives us a sneak peek into their craziness (and some reassurance into my own). 

My real reason for making this post?  I just wanted to say doodles and doodlers as many times as possible in one blog post. Let’s be real here. 


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