Best Interactive Infographics from the 2010 Election

November 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

I believe, in general, the U.S. population is ill-educated when it comes to politics. I’m not saying I am a political genius, in fact I probably fall in the category of being somewhat politically ignorant. However, one of the best things about the rise of visual communications in everyday news has been easy to understand infographics that can help the general public understand issues that they may ordinarily not pay attention to. 

I have gathered 5 interactive infographics that I believe to be a few of the most innovative, well-designed and informative pieces of information to roam the great land of the interweb this election season.

Make sure to click on the links so you can actually use the interactive functions of each site.

5. CNN’s Election Center

Although more of a website than a single infographic, it’s no surprise that the CNN Election Center does a great job in creating a clear guide to the issues, candidates, and results of the 2010 election. I like the easy navigation, the clear designs and how they throw in some fun infographics like their bubbles of issues shown in the image below.


4. Fox News America’s Election HQ Midterm 2010 Map

Fox News has one of the best interactive election maps I have seen yet. I like how you can customize what you want the map to show allowing you to view several geographic comparisons you ordinarily wouldn’t have a chance to see all together.


3.  The New York Times Historical Shift Map

The New York Times always has some of the best news infographics out there so it’s not surprise they’re on this list. However, with the fascinating shifts of parties this election season, I love how the NY Times has taken a historical look at Democratic/Republican Majorities in the past years. It’s intriguing to look at the trends in the past years through these great graphs. It’s also just kind of fun to see the subtle animations they threw in.


2. The Washington Post Campaign 2010

My favorite part of The Washington Post’s election page is not just the interactive maps (with a gorgeous simple look), but surprisingly it’s their coverage on the Tea Party Canvass.  While this party, in general, is a fascinating part of this election, The Washington Post has found great statistics and have illustrated them in such unique and creative ways. It creates an anthropological study on the Tea party and The Washington Post definitely earns innovative points for this section.


1. Good’s Political Climate Infographic

I LOVE THIS. Not only do I want to just take a poster of it without taking a single look at the content, but I love being able to see how America views their issues in so many different ways. You can see the change from year to year in each issue, you can see how the different parties view these issues and perhaps my favorite is you can click on the different issues to see small bar charts to have an overview of the parties political priorities in the past years. I have already spent too much time playing around with this fascinating graph, so make sure to check it out yourselves. 

Enjoy and learn!!!!


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