It’s all about the story

October 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s all about the story


 ”100 Artist Play a Collaborative Game” what about that statement does NOT intrigue you?? The Exquisite Book that comes out today at 2pm is SO up my ally for so many reasons. As a product of Journalism school, I LOVE a good story and as a designer, I LOVE a good VISUAL story. This book is exactly that. Based on a game called an “Exquisite Corpse” an artist was given a few words of inspiration for their piece, the next artist was only able to see this person’s artwork to inspire his own and so on and so on. In addition, to connect these stories more visually, each artist had a horizon line in their art that connects between all the works.

This inspirational round robin is probably one of my favorite things to come out EVER and I am super stoked to see the product. There’s an event tomorrow night (Friday) in DUMBO that will showcase all the artwork (each panel can be bought for $60) and have the authors and many of the artists around to chat with.

OH and did I mention that Dave Eggers wrote the foreword?? (Did I also mention that I am obsessed with Dave Eggers??)

See you tomorrow!


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