The Designed Organic

May 5, 2010 § Leave a comment


As a designer, walking through normal stores is a different experience. I criticize the packages that line the aisles; their font and color choices, logos, copy, etc. Nitpicky and critical does not even begin to define my mind in a supermarket. Because of this obsession, I began to notice how the organic food section has better overall design and marketing scheme then the rest of the products. We cannot deny that design and aesthetics have become more and more important in this highly visual world we now live in. But why suddenly all this focus on marketing organic foods? Why has the trend of organic foods been growing? How much of marketing and design has to do with our increased accounts with organic foods?

I propose several theories for this recent growth in the organic foods sector. One theory is that our nation’s growth in terms of chemical foods, dependency on television, internet and other sedative devices have taken us to a point of some type of healthiness in our lives. A healthiness that includes instant gratification, i.e. well designed foods that give us the impression that by eating it we are instantly leading a better lifestyle.

Another theory is that with the increased use of media and internet, we are exposed to more forms of communication that allow information to spread easier. In this case, information and perhaps also rumors of the benefits of eating organically are being dispersed in believable forms. Thus, it is a new trend to focus marketing on organic and healthy food and the more costs that go into marketing, the more food that is being bought and the more money these companies have to feed back into marketing.

The Question: Is this marketing because we are willing to spend more money on organic foods or is it because of clever marketing that we are spending this money? What comes first, the chicken or the organic egg?


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